The John Deere LX Series Riding Lawn Mowers

    The only thing better than enjoying the comfort of a John Deere LX Series Lawn Tractors is experiencing how these heavy-duty Riding Lawn Mowers stand up to the toughest conditions. The LX-Series is recommended for mowing in excess of 3000m².

    The LX Series Riding Mowers have 14- to 17- horsepower engines. Designed for homeowners with 1 to 2 acres to mow, they feature a 20-inch turning radius. Cutting widths for the LX Series range from 38 to 48 inches.

    LX Series Farm & Lawn Tractors are compatible with Baggers, Front Blades, and Snow Throwers. The popular Tow-Behind Tools are also compatible with the LX Series Riding Lawn Tractors.


    • The LX Series frame is made of heavy formed and welded steel, reinforced in critical areas for even greater strength.
    • 43 percent longer life than the LT Series means you can count on the most reliability and largest workload capacity in the lawn tractor lineup. Plus, the most powerful lawn tractor transmission helps you quickly mow large areas and easily complete moderate hauling, blowing and blading tasks.


    • The LX280 AWS model provides a significant maneuverability and trimming advantage over two-wheel-steer lawn tractors.
    • Get done faster with an extra-tight, 7-inch diameter uncut circle radius with the LX280AWS compared to the traditional steering tractor's 20-inch uncut circle radius. All-wheel steering allows you to follow contoured landscaping for unrivaled up-close trimming and superior maneuverability.


    • Seven inches of seat travel allows the operator to be seated comfortably and operate the controls easily.
    • Enjoy an exceptional ride because of larger tires, a heavier frame, and a premium seat and suspension - a must for high usage and medium-duty jobs.
    • Enjoy the most comfortable, longest-life model in the lawn tractor lineup.


    • State of the art V-Twin Kawasaki engines on the LX280 and LX289, make sure you get off to a quick start every time.
    • The LX289's liquid cooled engine provides quiet, smooth operation.
    • Both engines have important quality features such as cast-iron cylinder liners and full-pressure lubrication for long life.
    • Replaceable oil filters keep the oil clean, reduce wear and extend the time between oil changes.

    Frame & Axle

    • A solid, heavy duty fully welded 23kg frame features heavy gauge 3mm steel for outstanding durability.
    • A cast iron front axle is reliable and will not bend. Both models have a tight 50.8cm turning radius for great manoeuvrability.
    • Integrated hydrostatic transaxle combines pump and motor rotating groups for long life and lower sound levels.

    Cutting Height & Dash

    • A rotary dial cutting height adjuster lets you select from seven different heights with a twist of the wrist.
    • Plus, colour coded control panels on the dash panel allow quick identification.
    • Battery change and oil pressure indicator lights warn you of potential problems.

    Comfort Seat

    • Comfort features include a premium sit-and-adjust high back seat, offering 15cm of forward and back travel for maximum leg room.
    • Two polyurethane springs also help to provide a very smooth ride.
    • They will not bottom out and are adjustable in three positions to suit the operator's weight. Move them forward for lighter operators and back for heavier operators.

    Cruise Control & Automatic Transmission

    • Cruise control is standard. The cruise control lever is to the right of the seat and can be used to maintain a set forward speed in open spaces without using the foot controls.
    • It is infinitely variable and very useful for mowing large areas where it is not necessary to change speed regularly.
    • Touch and go. Two pedal automatic transmission controls are mounted side by side for effortless speed and direction changes with maximum comfort.
    • Little effort is required to push and hold the pedals and the operator can keep both hands on the steering wheel for controlling and turning the tractor.

    Cutting Deck Options

    The mower is John Deere quality through and through, made of 12 gauge steel. The 38-in. mower can be equipped with the Tricycler mulching attachment and a rear bagger and power flow material collection system are also available.

    42 Inch Freedom Deck

    • The 42 inch Freedom deck has an innovative design and sets new standards for mulching grass and leaves.
    • Two counter-rotating, timed blades control the flow and distribution of material within the dome-shaped mower housing.
    • Wet clippings are cut up and returned to the ground quickly and uniformly.
    • The deck height is lower in the rear than the front, causing material to drop out uniformly after it is mulched.

    42C Convertible Deck

    • The mower is John Deere quality through and through, made of 12 gauge steel.
    • The 38-in. mower can be equipped with the Tricycler mulching attachment and a rear bagger and power flow material collection system are also available.

    48C Convertible Deck

    • The 48C convertible (122cm) mower deck gives you the versatility to mulch (with optional mulching plug - right), side discharge or bag long, damp grass without leaving clumps behind.
    • The deck design and smooth underside prevents grass build up, and leaves your lawn clipping free.

    Power Flow Collector

    • A two bag power flow collection system with a 250 litre capacity can be fitted in conjunction with the 38" and 48C cutting decks.
    • Conventional two bag collectors (without fan) are compatible with the 38" and 42C deck.