The John Deere LT Series Riding Lawn Mowers

    If your lawn is between 2000-6000m², then you should take a serious look at our LT Series Riding Mowers, for effortless mowing. 160 years of field experience is just one of the many extras you get with an LT series lawn tractors.


    • Like colour coded controls on the dash for quick identification.
    • Convenient lift system makes raising and lowering the mower deck simple. To raise, simply depress the deck pedal; release to lower.
    • There's even a sit-and-adjust seat that features 23cm forward and back travel to accommodate any size of operator.
    • Seat springs are also easily adjusted to match the operator's weight.
    • Collect leaves and clippings with the optional Power Flow collection system which boasts a large 250 litre capacity.
    • Automatic two pedal control on all three models lets you change speed and direction effortlessly and comfortably with one foot.


    • The LT series has a new sleek design that's as functional as it is good looking. For example, bonnet styling incorporates air intake louvers for optimum engine cooling and quieter operation.
    • A heavy duty 37 kg frame and fender deck assembly is fully welded for outstanding durability and strength.


    • The frame for the LT Series is constructed of full-length welded steel for strength and long life.
    • 40 percent longer life than the 100 Series. Enjoy a superior workload capacity when hauling, blading, or mowing. Plus, enjoy superior durability and a brilliant green for years to come thanks to the Xenoy hood material.


    • The LT180 and LT190 models feature a V-twin, air-cooled Kawasaki engine for smooth, quiet power.
    • Available Kawasaki V-Twin engine models provide quicker, easier starting. All engines feature overhead valves and full-pressure lubrication for long life.


    • The Twin Touch forward and reverse pedal design allows easy control of speed and direction.
    • Premium Twin Touch transmission pedals offer greater responsiveness and smoother speed and direction changes than the 100 Series. Fully enclosed hoods ensure a quiet, much more enjoyable operator experience when mowing or completing light- to medium-duty tasks.

    LTR180 lawn tractor

    • The standard 8-bushel hopper gives your lawn a well-groomed appearance.
    • The LTR180 rear-collect tractor lets you empty the standard hopper without even leaving the seat. Simply push the dump latch and pull up on the handle.
    • Depend on smoother-riding mowing perfection in a longer-life tractor.

    38 Inch Mower Deck (for LT160 and LT180)

    • The 38-in. high performance mower deck uses the same proven deck stamping design as is used on the LX lawn tractors.
    • The mower is John Deere quality through and through, made of 12 gauge steel.
    • The 38-in. mower can be equipped with the Tricycler mulching attachment and a rear bagger and power flow material collection system are also available.

    42 Inch Freedom Deck (for LT160 and LT180)

    • The 42 inch Freedom deck has an innovative design and sets new standards for mulching grass and leaves.
    • Two counter-rotating, timed blades control the flow and distribution of material within the dome-shaped mower housing.
    • Wet clippings are cut up and returned to the ground quickly and uniformly.
    • The deck height is lower in the rear than the front, causing material to drop out uniformly after it is mulched.

    48 Inch "Edge" Deck (for LT190)

    • The 48 Edge (120cm) mower deck gives you the versatility to mulch (with optional mulching plug), side discharge or bag long, damp grass without leaving clumps behind.
    • The deck design and smooth underside prevents grass build up, and leaves your lawn clipping free.
    • A two bag power flow collection system with a 250 litre capacity can be fitted in conjunction with the 38" and 48C cutting decks.